,   Age: 5+

Level 3 of Oxford's comprehensive international phonics series to get young learners reading.
A girl looks for clues. How will she find her new bike?
Phonics Focus: long a, a_e, ai; long i, i_e, y; long o, o_e, oa, ow; long u, ue
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Activity Content:

6. l n, Type.
7. foll, Type.
8. bl, Type.
9. n, Type.
10. Type., t, l
11. c t, Type.
12. Match.
13. Tap.
14. Tap.
15. Tap.
16. Tap.
17. Type.
18. Type.
19. Type.
20. Tap., Is this a clue?
21. Tap., Is this a clue?
22. Tap., Is this a clue?
23. Is this a clue?, Tap.

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