,   Age: 5+

Level 4 of Oxford's comprehensive international phonics series to get young learners reading.
The children go to a fair. What do they see and do there?
Phonics Focus: gr, voiced th, unvoiced th, ck, qu, ng, nk, nd, nt, lt, mp, sk, sc, spr, str, soft c, soft g, voiced s
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Activity Content:

6. Type., chi
7. Type., adu
8. Type., int
9. Type., oran e
10. ba, Type.
11. Type., pai
12. Tap., It's Fun Day at ....hool., sk, sc, th
13. Tap., Hank and Rose si.... ., nt, ng, nd
14. Tap., The gym teacher is .....ong., spr, str, spl
15. Tap., Their fa....er can't find them., sk, qu, th
16. Type., Let's get some i..e cream., s, c, g
17. Order.
18. sees a tent., skips.
19. loves orange., wants a chimp.
20. grunts., quacks.

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